Managing Your Career

Manage Your Career

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Mark Twain

You know what you CAN do and what you can’t. You also know what you LIKE to do and what you don’t. We can help direct you to a fulfilling career by supporting you in searching for a job which not only reflects what you CAN do, but more importantly is what you WANT to do.

Many of your current skills or capabilities are highly transferable. By unpacking this transferability, you will see far more options for your career than the one you are in today. If you want to be more engaged in your career, more productive in your current job or just happier at work, our career coaching and support will help.

Our Career Management Framework

How We Can Support You

Through one on one coaching and access to interactive resources around the key components of our career management program, we encourage you to adopt a proactive approach to your career and ongoing professional development.

Become aware of your own potential

  • By completing and being professionally debriefed in one of our assessment tools, gain an in-depth understanding of your preferences to help you make decisions about your future career options and potential
  • Discover the transferability of your current skills, be clear about what you want to keep or stop doing
  • Explore where the perfect job for you may be

Clarify and develop your career plan

  • Develop your specific professional objective
  • Produce a consistent elevator pitch, resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Create a list of target companies who will have the job you want to do
  • Engage the power of your network
  • Practise interview skills

Embed your career change

  • Engage with your new role with a structured assimilation process to ensure you make the most of your career move

Our Career Management Programs

Note we can tailor a program specific to your needs.

One Month ProgramAssessment tool and debrief
4 x 1-hour coaching sessions
Access to interactive career management frameworks and tools
1. Clarity around your career goals and how to achieve them
2. Resume, LinkedIn and concise elevator pitch to take you in your new direction
3. A clear target market to approach for your next role
4. Practical tools for your networking conversations
5. Interview preparation to seal the deal
Three - Six Month ProgramAssessment tool and debrief
12+ 1-hour coaching sessions (number of sessions to be agreed upon engagement)
Access to interactive career management frameworks and tools
12 Month Open ProgramAssessment tool and debrief
Unlimited access to coaching support for 12 months
Access to interactive career management and coaching frameworks and tools

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