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Whole Brain® Thinking

With the majority of our consultants accredited in Whole Brain® Thinking, we work with clients to grow their awareness of their own and their colleagues’ preferred thinking styles to enhance their effectiveness in the way they work together and, in turn, to improve their business performance.

Whole Brain® Thinking is a framework which provides a lens for improved understanding and insight. It acknowledges that different people prefer different kinds of thinking and different tasks require different mental processes. The model helps organisations achieve better results through strategically leveraging their cognitive diversity.

The framework underpins the highly validated Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®), the profile at the heart of the Herrmann Whole Brain® Thinking System. We offer access to the HBDI,  analyse and debrief on the results with individuals and teams to help them embed this model into the way they work.





The Human Synergistics suite of tools can help measure and develop every level of an organisation; from the overall organisational culture right down to individual styles, team dynamics, and leadership strategies. At an individual level, the Life Styles Inventory is a  measurement and feedback tool designed to help individuals identify how their thinking and behaviour are supporting and limiting their effectiveness. The Group Styles inventory does the same for teams. We offer access to these tools together with comprehensive debriefs through our accredited consultants.


“The Birkman Method” comprises a suite of self-assessment tools and is used by consultants, coaches, mentors, and leaders to empower and improve growth and performance at work, and more broadly in life across the global community.
The Birkman Signature advanced behaviour report delivers data-rich insights to drive successful organisational development and to help individuals grow professionally.  The high-level personality data will help increase emotional intelligence, amplify growth, and strengthen performance. Supported by a debrief from our consultants, this report measures interests, behaviours and motivation, offers insights into strengths and blind spots, and can be used to coach individuals through each stage of the employee lifecycle.


Motiva is a groundbreaking career tool that creates a better understanding of the role that motivation plays in career success. It provides an assessment and mapping solution that brings together motivational research to answer  questions such as ‘how can we be sure we’re in the right job?’ ‘How can we equip ourselves with the right skills for our careers in the future?’.

By aligning a person’s values and motivations to a live database of jobs, Motiva will make you rethink career planning and the future of work.


By defining personality type, the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) tool builds a robust foundation for life-long personal development. It provides a constructive, flexible and liberating framework for understanding individual differences and strengths.


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