We are helping to build a world in which people feel safe and supported at work, and inspired and fulfilled by the work they do

Brockhurst Consulting (BC) was established in 2016 to fulfil the collective purpose of Tom and Sarah who are both passionate about helping to build a world in which people wake up inspired to go to work, feel safe and supported when they are there, and return home fulfilled by the work they do.

Our vision is realised through building our own community of talented coaches and consultants who come together in a meaningful way so that the work they do not only helps our clients to develop and grow, but also provides fulfilment for themselves as they partner with us in delivering BC’s services.

With the majority of our consultants accredited in Whole Brain® Thinking, we work with clients to grow their awareness of their own and their colleagues’ preferred thinking styles to enhance their effectiveness in the way they work together and, in turn, to improve their business performance. To this end, we apply Whole Brain® Thinking within our own team’s ways of working. We also integrate Whole Brain® Thinking into our career programs to maximise alignment between an individual’s thinking preferences and their next dream job!

Holding a range of accreditations amongst our team members, we offer various assessment and development tools in addition to Whole Brain® Thinking including Human Synergistics, Birkman, Motiva, MBTI and DISC.

We proudly support Austin Health’s Liver Transplant Unit for the wonderful work they do impacting humans every day.

Austin Health - Liver & intestinal transplants
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